Tuesday, April 20, 2010

prayer thoughts

There are many kinds of prayer - petitioning, silent, thanksgiving, warfare, soaking. But at its heart, prayer is nothing more or less than opening up your heart, your affections to Jesus.
Prayer is the language of intimacy, the channel of intimacy, and the evidence of intimacy. It is connectivity. It is alignment. It is transparency. It is our T1 ( fiber optic telephone line that can carry more data than traditional telephone line )!
At some point in our prayer lives it has to move forward and become less of an activity, something we do, to becoming the very fabric of who we are. We must move from have to; ought to pray -> to want to pray, to an understanding that it is our nature to do so, to "be" so.
Prayer doesn't describe the poster of one's body. It describes the poster of one's lifestyle, of one's heart.
Isa. 60:1-6
1 Thess 5:16